Happy Chinese Solar New Year!

According to Feng Shui practice, the energy of the new year moves in on February 4th on the solar new year even though the official Chinese New Year is not until the February 16th, lunar new year. February 4th is the day to evaluate your living/work space and evaluate the energy in your living/work space and make any necessary adjustments/apply feng shui cures. Each year energy flows differently and it requires arranging your space accordingly. 

Why not change and align the energy in your home for love, abundance, health and happiness by simply rearranging, adding or removing specific elements and colors? Does your home feel good when you enter? Are there areas you avoid? Your environment is a total reflection of the energy within you. Are you lacking love, can't find a partner, wanting children, struggling financially, suffer from bad health, receive no respect? Read on...

Feng Shui is not a religion and it is not superstition. It is simply the balance and harmony of the energy of the environment you live and work in. Generic Western Feng Shui only scratches the surface but there is a deeper, more serious method of original traditional Eastern Feng Shui.

Contact me to schedule a Feng Shui consultation. I am offering 40% discount from now until the Chinese New Year, Feb. 16th!



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