Happy Chinese Lunar New Year! Learn about Year of the Earth Dog....

Chinese New Year begins on February 16 and marks the beginning of the Year of the Dog. Tied to the Chinese lunar calendar, the holiday was traditionally a time to honor household and heavenly deities as well as ancestors. 

The Chinese calendar was a complex timepiece. Its parameters were set according to the lunar phases as well as the solar solstices and equinoxes. Yin and yang, the opposing but complementary principles that make up a harmonious world, also ruled the calendar.

2018 will be the first Year of the Earth Dog since 1958. What does it mean? 2018 year of the Yang Earth Dog Wu Xu energies are controlled by the earth element in its Yang form. It can be a very eventful year with many changes all over the world. It is a year of social change and also a change to how we live our life; we will see changes in our view on diet, smoking, drinking and junk food. Dog years can bring many changes, good and bad and economically and they are normally growth years although and earth Wu Xu years can also bring the collapse of major institutions and large adjustments in the economy, like stock markets of values of currency, so take care with investments in 2018.

In general, is slated to be a year of good fortune. The image in this email is a painting I did of my former dog, Toby, a basset hound mix.

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