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I am excited that I am almost finished with a painting of my mom from one of my favorite photos of her. She is dressed as a Biana (see link below to a really good article about what Baiana means), in the 2011 Brazillian Independence Day parade in New York City. She was 80 years old at the time! For those of you that may not know, she transitioned in February of this year. It has been difficult dealing with her not physically being a part of my life but in a way I feel that we are closer in spirit. Doing things that honor her and the wonderful life that she lived, helps to relieve some of the sadness I feel when I miss her. She was always so jovial and youthful, and loved music, celebration and people! She was such a great example of a loving, caring person who served others and loved life. I hope to live my life with just a portion of the enthusiasm that had.

I will add the painting to this week in the Roots Collection when it's completed. Raizes in portuguese means roots. The paintings in this collection will center on the roots of different cultures and spiritual practices. Check it out,you may find something that resonates with you or inspires you.

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Have an exceptional week!

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